The contemporary dance film INHABITED will premiere online on Wednesday, August 26, at 20.00, on the TIFF Unlimited platform . The concept and direction of the film are signed by Smaranda Găbudeanu who brought together an international team of artists from the field of dance, music and film, with whom she worked in the last 3 months in the inLOCUIT inHABITED project . A round table moderated by Cosmin Manolescu, about the artistic processes, will take place before the premiere, from 19.00. Both events are broadcast online and are hosted on the same platform. Access is free.

The starting point was the theme (in) living, which generated a series of searches and a dialogue between the 3 different artistic environments (dance, music and film), an effervescence and an extraordinary variety of answers that we offer to the public through:

  • The contemporary dance film INHABITED which brings to the fore Benno Voorham , Mădălina Dan, Svitlana Pashko , Simona Dabija, Denis Bolborea , Laura Vlad – personalities of the Romanian and European dance scene and emerging artists – in a brave and original staging, which highlights new values, unknown to the public until now. The cinematic approach captures every movement of thought and emotions, proposing a choreography of the interior spaces, enhanced by the sound compositions signed by Vlaicu Golcea and Kinga Ötvös. The physical space in which each protagonist finds himself sheds light on a different layer of reality and demands his own approach to image and editing (Răzvan Bumbeș , Daniel Drăgoescu , Tania Cucoreanu ). From a nature that gives a strange artificial sensation, a fantastic bridge with noir accents , to the cloister of an insect man or the impossibility of parting, the film does not promise a journey, but a voyeuristic teleportation from one world to another, guided by a smile Benno ‘s mischievous .   
  • The inLOCUIT inHABITED contest that challenged the participants to create a dance film starting from the given musical composition or, conversely, to compose a soundtrack for the given dance film. 78 remarkable works have been entered which show us how great and valuable the art scene in Romania is. The winners (who each received a prize of 1400 lei) are Eugen Curelici with the dance film Day (D) in the category Inhabited dance music and Andrei Petrache with the musical composition “The house in the sleeping forest” in the category Inhabited dance music.  
  • Website- the – a reference with rich multimedia content that presents ideas, artists, inspiration, pieces of footage, jingles, Gallery Photo and everything about the contest: concept, proposed pieces, judging criteria, the winners and finalists with their pieces, their artistic motivation and the opinions of the jury, link to the gallery that includes the vast majority of entries.  

Smaranda Găbudeanu talks about the origin of the project :

 „ InHABITED is an artistic journey that started two years ago with the concert-show înLOCUIT , in which I collaborated with seven contemporary chamber music composers, with the Sonomania ensemble led by Diana Rotaru and with the dancers Ana Costea and Răzvan Rotaru. I was fascinated by the different possibilities to create together or in dialogue, the dance starting from the music, or the music from the movement. This is where the idea of ​​the project and the competition started. I wanted to continue the search, the process of translating content from one world to another and I was attracted in the film the possibilities of a sound that can be heard from afar or inside, a sound that passes through the walls or penetrates the membrane between the protagonist and the world. The possibility of having a voice that she does not, but could be. Who lives in it temporarily. ”

In the preview of the film, from 19.00, during the round table moderated by Cosmin Manolescu, we invite you to discover more of the creative process of the artistic team but also of the winners of the contest (whose films you will be able to watch during the meeting).  

The jury had a difficult mission in selecting only 2 winners. Thus, the 4 jurors – Denis Bolborea , Tania Cucoreanu , Daniel Dragoescu and Kinga Ötvös – nominated 4 more finalists: Alice Mureșan with the film “ Exit ” and Octavian M Gorgan with the film “ inHABITED MIND” in the category Inhabited dance music and Irinel Anghel with the song “ Borderline ” and Răzvan Krivach with the song “ SuntcelcenuSunt ” in the category Dance inhabited by music. The artistic motivation of the authors and the motivation of the jury’s choices are all on 

“Almost 80 high-quality works were attached to the project, established artists, emerging young people, students and passionate amateurs were extremely creative and together they managed to resize the concept and the entire form of the project.” – Tania Cucoreanu 

“Beyond the fact that most of the creations added value to the works given in unsuspected ways, it was very interesting to observe how the constant of each category generates new decoding possibilities, how it is sculpted and inhabited in a personal and authentic way. ”- Denis Bolborea 

înLOCUIT inHABITED is a cultural project funded by the Ministry of Culture through the ACCES Online 2020 program .

inLABUIT inHABITED is a PETEC project . The Association for Theater and Books (PETEC) is an interdisciplinary platform for production, research and education in the field of contemporary performing arts. The project continues its good tradition of opening arts performing to the public by creating a participatory framework. The patch is is a founding member AREAL_spaţiu development choreography.   

Media partner: Radio Romania Cultural 

Partners: Bucharest National Dance Center (CNDB), TIFF Unlimited (Transilvania Film), Romanian Music Information Center – CIMRO, Gabriela Tudor Foundation, Delazero Association , IndieBox , IdanceYou , Team4Film, VeiozaArte