Wednesday, November 18, from 8:00 pm

The last of the 3 cultural events

ALIENATION or the desire for intimacy

THE FREE ACCESS LINK will be provided here right before the beginning.

  • ALIENATION or the desire for intimacy @Rezidența BRD Scena9 – the dance film
  • CONNECTION – short video inspired by the same theme by Zoe Ramsey and Tonya Sheina – Echo Echo Dance Theatre Company, Northern Ireland
  • CLOSE ENOUGH – the documentary made by Cătălin Munteanu

ALIENATION or the desire for intimacy @Rezidența BRD Scena9

A film by: Benno Voorham and Răzvan Bumbeș
Performers: Simona Baciu, Smaranda Găbudeanu, Cristina Lilienfeld
Music: Andrei Petrache

After the durational performance @MARe/Museum of Recent Art and the premiere of the stage performance live-streamed from Unteatru, we invite you to discover a third representation of the same theme: the dance film which gathers the essence of previous representations in concentrated doses of alienation, desire and intimacy.

„At the beginning of October, we started with Benno a very intense working process of 7 hours a day, during which we analyzed the 3 concepts, alienation, desire and intimacy, through all the means I had. We wrote a lot, we danced and improvised, even more, experimenting with video and how we can integrate it organically in our movement in a way that enhances the effect of motion and not eclipse it, as it often happens in such performances. I had a continuous dialogue, both with Benno and the extended team of incredibly talented and involved people. […] What surprised me at the end is that certain aspects of desire came out of me – desire being my role – which I did not explicitly discuss with Benno and who found their place in the show without me being aware of their existence. It was a really intense and interesting process, and I am grateful that we were able to experience something like this in these almost impossible times.” – Cristina Lilienfeld – excerpt from the interview given to Ioan Big, publisher of Zile și Nopți.

We start with words. Not just any words, but those that, sparked by the artistic practice, escalate from the most hidden areas of the self. They break out through words and dance, the body has the capacity to reveal through movement what is beyond words. We overlap live images to support or contradict body messages.


the short video made by Zoe Ramsey and Tonya Sheina of Echo Dance Theatre Company in Northern Ireland will show a different perspective on the same theme.

I look at my screen that reflects back at me with our images, I see myself talking to you. you can’t hear me sometimes….

I dance.. I look away and you disappear… I’m on my own… I see reflection in the window… I hear somebody shouts on the street, you hear it too.

We laugh. I watch you dance and I feel the movement going through me, I’m ready to follow you. I dance and I see you watching through the screen attentively.

We dance together…together. I imagine four of us dancing. Me in the studio upstairs, you in the studio downstairs and two flat small pixelated us on a small square of screen that cannot fit in the whole studio, and can’t make us fit in, we are going away and beyond. I slide on the floor moving myself out. Peekaboo! we were hiding, us two! Shall we dance again?


Are you curious to see what happened at rehearsals for ALIENATION or the desire for intimacy? How the project has evolved from idea to performance?

Cătălin Munteanu documented the entire process aiming to discover what intimacy, desire, and alienation means to each of the actors. More than transposing these themes into choreography, he is interested in the process of decomposing and recomposing them during the rehearsals.

ALIENATION or the desire for intimacy is part of an international project among artists from 3 countries: Romania, Sweden and Northern Ireland. It is produced by PETEC in partnership with LAVA-Dansproduktion.

The project is co-financed by The Administration of the National Cultural Fund and Konstnärsnämnden / The Swedish Arts Grants Committee.

The project doesn’t necessarily represent the position of the Administration of the National Cultural Fund. AFCN is not responsible for the project’s content or for the ways in which its results can be used. These are entirely the responsibility of the grant beneficiary.

Cultural Partners: Echo Echo Dance Theatre Company (Derry, Northern Ireland), Unteatru, Muzeul de Artă Recentă, Rezidența BRD Scena 9, Centrul Național al Dansului București (CNDB)
Main Media Partner: Radio Romania Cultural
Media Partners: CorPoetica (Milano, Italy), PerfocraZe International Artist Residency -p IAR (Kumasi, Ghana), Ruban Produktion (Kyiv, Ukraine), MOVE2Collective (Belgrade, Serbia), Munteanu,, Zile și Nopți