Starting with April 29, the International Day of Dance and until June, we invite you to meet a dancer and walk together in a dancing walk.

Walking is common, but with each step before the other the movement becomes automatic, unreflective and we tend to forget its potential to create. We invite you to take advantage of this walk and understand it as a dance. Walking, a concrete, everyday thing, then becomes abstract, because dance opens it to the possible.

In the idea that every body movement is expressive, even walking, you will spend together an hour in which you will be attentive to the body, you will explore what happens and how you feel when you bring intentionality in the movements you make.

In the walk we propose to you together with a dancer, we invite you to let your body be like a site for researching a world understood through dance. We propose a meeting that will bring your attention to your attitude, posture and the way you feel. A dancing walk about the things that change your energy in your body through ordinary movements. An hour about the things that turn movement into dance, about the thoughts that appear when you have body awareness and about the techniques that you can use to feel good.

A dancing walk does not necessarily look unusual – from the outside it looks like a simple walk. The most important thing is that you become present in your body, and from something so simple, dance opens a new world for you, whose creator we invite you to become.

How does a dancing walk go?

  1. You meet and meet a dancer in a quiet place, which you establish together.
  2. Choose a route to walk for an hour.
  3. How do you feel when you move? Starting from this question, discover together how to listen better to your body and what the relationship is between what you feel and where you are.
  4. My practice, your practice. The dancer shares a practice that he uses to make him feel better, and if you have one, explore them both together.
  5. Wrap-up. End the meeting by discussing the things you noticed and discovered during your walk.

A project on the occasion of the International Dance Day initiated by the National Dance Center of Bucharest in partnership with: AREAL – Space for choreographic development (Bucharest), Bezsán Noémi (Târgu Mureș), Colectiv A (Cluj-Napoca), Contact Bucharest Festival (Bucharest) , Delazero (Bucharest), Developing Art (Bucharest), Gabriela Tudor Foundation (Bucharest), I Dance You (Brașov), Indie Box (Bucharest), PETEC (Bucharest), LINOTIP Independent Choreographic Center (Bucharest), M Studio (Sfântu Gheorghe ), Tangaj Collective (Bucharest), Stejar Theater (Iași), Unfold Motion (Timișoara).

Participating artists:

Oana Băluță (Contact Bucharest Festival), Denis Bolborea (Areal, Bucharest), Catrinel Catană (Gabriela Tudor Foundation, Bucharest), Simona Dabija (Tangaj Collective, Bucharest), Alexandra Gîrbea (Indie Box, Bucharest), Ana Maria Guguian (I dance you, Brașov), Antonia Itineanț (Unfold Motion, Timișoara), Szekrényes László (M Studio, Sfântu Gheorghe), Irina Marinescu (Developing Art, Bucharest), Oana Mureșan (ColectivA, Cluj), Virginia Negru (PETEC, Bucharest), Bezsán Noémi (Târgu Mureș), Alexandru Radu (Oak Theater), Arcadie Rusu (Linotip, Bucharest), Beatrice Tudor (Delazero, Timișoara).

The project takes place outdoors, in one-on-one format. Each partner entity decides on the days of the project, depending on the regulations in force in each city. The protection measures and legal rules imposed against the spread of CO-VID19 will be observed throughout the meetings.

More details about organizing events soon!