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Bodies on the Move | Buzău

June 1, 2021 @ 12:00 pm June 3, 2021 @ 9:00 pm

Between May 24 and June 1, we invite you to meet Virginia Negru and walk together in Bucharest on a dancing walk.

. Participation in the event will be based on a GIVEAWAY, the post where you can register is on the PETEC facebook page @petecdecultura

Walking is common, but with each step before the other the movement becomes automatic, unreflective and we tend to forget its potential to create. We invite you to take advantage of this walk and understand it as a dance. In the idea that every body movement is expressive, even walking, you will spend together an hour in which you will be attentive to the body, you will explore what happens and how you feel when you bring intentionality in the movements you make.

In the walk we propose together with Virginia, we invite you to let your body be like a site for researching a world understood through dance. We propose a meeting that will bring your attention to your attitude, posture and the way you feel. A dancing walk about the things that change your energy in your body through ordinary movements. An hour about the things that turn movement into dance, about the thoughts that appear when you have body awareness and about the techniques that you can use to feel good.

A dancing walk does not necessarily look unusual – from the outside it looks like a simple walk. The most important thing is that you become present in your body, and from something so simple, dance opens a new world for you, whose creator we invite you to become.

————————————————– ————————
How does a dancing walk go?

1. You meet and meet Virginia Negru.
2. Choose a route to walk for an hour.
3. How do you feel when you move? Starting from this question, discover together how to listen better to your body and what the relationship is between what you feel and where you are.
4. My practice, your practice. The dancer shares a practice that he uses to make him feel better, and if you have one, explore them both together.
5. Wrap Up. End the meeting by discussing the things you noticed and discovered during your walk. At the end, take a selfie with the hashtag #DancingWalks.

How to participate Participation in the event will be based on a giveaway, the post where you can register is on the PETEC facebook page @petecdeculturaWhat do you have to do?

Like the post.
Tag 2 friends who make you dance, and we offer you a dancing walk with Virginia Negru.
Optionally you can leave us in the comment one or two of your favorite available data.
If you haven’t already done so, like our page and another one at @CentrulNationalalDansuluiBucuresti
Share the story post to join the giveaway.

Possible dates for participation are:

Monday, May 24 · 10:00 -11: 30
Tuesday, May 25 · 10:00 -11: 30
Monday, May 31 · 10:00 -11: 30
Tuesday, June 1 · 10:00 -11: 30

The contest ends on May 20 and the winners of the 4 available dance walks will be selected through random.org and announced both here and in the Giveaway post.


BIO Virginia Black

Virginia Negru presents herself as an uneducated dancer or a professional amateur. This refers to the culture in which he grew up, where dance was seen rather as something frivolous and unworthy of too much involvement, but especially to the way this preconception affected his study choices. She graduated from the Faculty of Law, determined never to work in this field. His personal, cultural and social history has shaped a contradictory personality – distrustful and at the same time confident in his own strength – a detail that later infiltrated and mixed with his path and identity as a dancer.

Driven in some places by a feeling of failure, that he did not follow the necessary education of a professional dancer, but also by his slightly obsessive / insistent nature, he stubbornly followed all the opportunities to educate himself and to live dancing. She looked for and met teachers, media and artists who inspired her, most often in non-academic study settings – festivals, workshops, jam sessions – both in Romania and abroad, read, researched, traveled and followed various movement practices that shaped his dance style: Catrina Choate (Contemporary Dance and Feldekrais), Amalia Stinopoulou (Limon Technique), Lelia Marcu (ballet), Steve Batts and Ursula Laeubli (Poetic Movement), Benno Voorham and Sybrig Dokter, Scott Wells, Alexandra Soshnicova and Serghei Golovnya, Cyrus Khambatta, Nora Hajos, Nancy Stark Smith, Sasha Dodo, Adrian Russi, Susanne Martin, (Instant Composition and Contact Improvisation), Kira Kirsch and Antoine Ragot (Axis Syllabus) .

Discipline and self-taught spirit but also emotional maturation determined her, around the age of 30, to recognize her achievements, to assume

// Contemporary dance performances and workshops /


ATELIER MOVING FIELDS – What moves you? (15-19 years)
June 2, 11.00, “George Ciprian” Theater SINGING BODIES` TRILOGY – contemporary dance performance in 3 parts
June 2, 19.00, “George Ciprian” Theater MOVING FIELDS – contemporary dance show
June 3, 19.00, “George Ciprian” Theater * For details and registration, scroll down

SINGING BODIES ’TRILOGY is a three-part contemporary dance performance that encapsulates the kinesthetic and sensory experiences of three choreographers, in relation to the city in which they live. It was born as a result of collective research and creation processes carried out both in the public space and in the rehearsal room. ”

Every look stops somewhere, every breath that circulates through me starts from the public space and stretches back into it. I mirror, I contradict, I compose. With each gesture you contribute to the consolidation or destruction of a reference system. Every word favors or confuses our communication. ” (Alexandra Balasoiu, choreographer)
“The soundtrack is constantly present, but the way we listen is intermittent. Can we re-orchestrate the city’s discourse? Can we recycle the noise around us, giving it another dimension? ” (Denis Bolborea, choreographer, sound designer)
“I amplify perception, I listen to all the senses, I become several things simultaneously, I have 4 brains and claws. I learn to resonate with what surrounds me, the soul vibrates with the other. I let the unconscious articulate, breathe through the body. I am viscerally imbued with all the identities of meetings. You, the others, are symbols of me. ” (Valentina de Piante, choreographer) Concept and interpretation:
Part II: REALITY CHECK / Denis Bolborea
Part III: BAD MAMMA / Valentina De Piante Niculae
Video projections: Cozlac Andrei
Photo-video: Lavinia Pollak
Sound design: Denis Bolborea
Light design and graphics: Hermina Stanciulescu
Manufacturer: Indie Box
Duration: 2 hours and 20 minutes (10 minutes break)

MOVING FIELDS is a contemporary dance show that questions the concept of energy, putting the body in dialogue with its hidden resources. In search of the origin of the movement, 7 dancers enter into a deep communication with themselves, with the physical and sound space, with the technology, with the audience. Technology plays an important role in the stage space, the body being challenged to adapt and communicate in a real way with the elements of the interactive installation. Moving Fields is a route of loading, unloading, conservation, donation and sounding that artists travel with the public. During this journey, each of us outlines an answer to the question “what moves us”?

“Moving Fields is full of nature, both physical and emotional. The stage is a rather technological space – moving bodies are corpuscles activated by the energy around them. Tensions are released at the meeting of two corpuscles and the world looks like a defective kaleidoscope. In this process the leaves come to life and the light turns into sound because in an experimental show everything is possible! ” (Lorin Coryllus, theater blog)

Concept and choreography: Cristina Lilienfeld
Dramatic consultant: Mihaela Dancs
Dancers: Alexandra Bălășoiu, Denis Bolborea, Catrinel Catană, Cristina Lilienfeld, Andreea Belu, Filip Stoica
Musical composition: Diana Rotaru
Performs: the Sonomania ensemble
Installation design: Cristian Iordache
Costumes: Georgiana Gherghișan
Light design: Alexandros Raptis
Graphic design: Oana Băluță
Photo-video: Alina Ușurelu
Manufacturer: Petec Association

ATELIER MOVING FIELDS – What moves you? (Cristina Lilienfeld / Cristian Iordache) Starting from the themes addressed in the show Moving Fields, we created a workshop that deals with the concept of energy and the way it determines us to move. Together with the team of dancers who studied for a month the relationship between movement and the internal / external energy resources that supply it, we will listen carefully to this subtle and personal inner “flow”.

We will analyze through movement different ways to understand energy, to consume it, to increase it or to give it to those around us. Some elements we will work with are: exercises for observing my own body, exercises in which I take from the outside and integrate in my movement what I see, exercises in which I create an explosive or on the contrary implosive type of movement. We look forward to exploring together what and how we move. * The free workshop is for teenagers aged 15-19, amateurs, and previous dance experience is not required.
* To register for the workshop, send an e-mail to contact@indiebox.ro, telling us your name, age and contact details (phone). ”Bodies on the Move” is a co-financed project by the National Cultural Fund Administration and does not necessarily represent the position of the AFCN. AFCN is not responsible for the content of the project or how



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Teatrul George Ciprian

Aleea Castanilor nr. 1
Buzău, Buzău 120248 România
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(0238) 720.853
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