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Eighty five percent of what you remember :: Cristina Lilienfeld

October 26, 2019 @ 6:00 pm 7:00 pm

The National Dance Center of Bucharest invites you to watch the project “Eighty five percent of what you remember” by Cristina Lilienfeld, developed in May-June 2019, within the Eastern European residences of contemporary dance REEDANS, at the Pensule – Cluj Factory, under the guidance of the choreographer in Ukrainian Viktor Ruban.

The entry is free.
Limited places: 20
For registrations we expect your messages on the CNDB facebook page or at office@cndb.ro.


“The show explores the seduction of the public from an emotional point of view in the most assumed way, the hypnosis and the strangeness, the pain and the limit between what we can see and what we would like to see.

We started with questions such as: How can we measure the public’s perception when they are performing a dance performance? Can we dissolve the boundary between subject and objective when we analyze how a performance is perceived by the public? Is there a recipe for inducing states that are not used by the media? With these questions in mind, a “show in a show” was born in the residence of REEDANS that took place at the Brush Factory, Cluj, May-June 2019.

Essentially, the show questions what it means to live / survive in the contemporary world and how our current environment, behavior, body, emotional transform.

The cover of this show addresses the way in which an audience looks at, empathizes with, separates, or not, from what they see in the performance act. And it all starts with a letter to the public. “
(Cristina Lilienfeld)

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