The After.Life project – open doors through dance proposed a series of events that explore the collective imaginary related to the life after death through different artistic environments: contact improvisation, dance butoh, video projections, poetry, musical improvisation, puppets and shadows.

Together with the dancers Virginia Negru, Simona Baciu and Smaranda Găbudeanu, the musician Cătălin Diaconu and the video artist Elena Muchnaya, the Russian choreographer Sasha Dodo (Alexander Omelchenko) created a show-nucleus, from which later the scenes unfolded, were put under a magnifying glass and explored in detail through a series of performances in unconventional spaces.

The costumes were created by Georgiana Gherghișan, the scenography by Evgheni Pînzari and Alexandra Andrieș, the concept of lights by Alexandros Raptis and the graphics by Oana Băluță.

Sasha Dodo is a Russian choreographer, director and poet who creates within his laboratories and shows an environment of improvisation, where experiment and research are endless. The choreographic material is given a complex and abstract, but well structured context. This approach offers his creations a poetic and innovative nature, detached from a parallel galaxy, fascinating to the public and interpreters.

The working process was a participative one, the team was in constant communication with the public through contact improvisation workshops, lectures held by visual artist Katya Zorina and the IamLalla laboratory, through which members of the public became themselves performers.

“Before we talk about what happens next, we wonder what is here and here, as well as what was before. Who is the viewer? What is the perspective we look at? At the intersection of these questions comes the mystery. (Sasha Dodo)

After.Life- open gates means:

After.Life – a contemporary dance performance by Sasha Dodo at the National Dance Center, Bucharest and Point cultural hub

losing the last petal becomes a horizon – performance at the National Library of Romania during the Night of Libraries

In the Source – site-specific performances with the participation of musicians Rufi and Mehdi Aminian in the Make a Point Water Tower, within the Urias of Pantelimon

Spatio Poetry – lectures at the Dance Center and UNATC ”I.L. Caragiale ”

I LOVE LALLA – a laboratory where Katya Zorina used Human Design principles to create

– a performance with the lyrics of the 14th century mystical writer Lalleshwari at CNDB

Contact Impro for everyBODY ​​- improvisation contact workshops and jam sessions in Bucharest neighborhoods: Tei, Ferentari, Serbian Giulesti, Cișmigiu

After.Life – gates open through dance is a project of the Association for Theater and Books (PETEC) funded by the City Hall through the Cultural Projects Center of the Municipality of Bucharest – ARCUB within the Bucharest – Participatory City program.

Partners: National Dance Center Bucharest, Make a Point, National Library of Romania, Romano ButiQ, Lacul Tei Civic Initiative Group, Point cultural hub, UNATC “I.L. Caragiale”, Hippocampus, Universe Sudioul, Policy Center for Roma and Minorities

Media partners: Garbo, LiterNet, Modernism, art7