Moving Fields took place in 2017 and proposed a rigorous research period in which science and art entered a dialogue. For two months we studied movement in relation with electricity, we had meetings with neurologist dr. Radu Dop, we visited museums such as The House for Experiments and we built appliances that highlight the flow of electricity.


The theme that became Moving Fields explored the link between the movement of the dancer’s body and the energy that the body uses to move, trying to find answers to the question: what sets us in motion?

The motion-driven impulse could be observed in the most concrete way by the presence of an interactive installation that made the electricity visible. Starting from the hypothesis that, at a deeper level, electricity is associated with life, libido, lust, the theme treated has become a mirror of the life-death duality. The creative process has been structured around questions like: What images we associate with the state of being energised? Is there always a direct connection between strong emotions and physical energy? What role does the group have in this process?

The dancing team brings together artists from various areas of the contemporary dance scene, people having in common the interest for intense physical work and the real development and research of movement. They are very experienced dancers and choreographers, their performances being presented both in Romania and in many other European countries, in the US. or in Asia:Denis Bolborea, Alexandra Bălăşoiu, Catrinel Catană, Răzvan Rotaru. Mihaela Dancs offered dramaturgical support, while Cristian Iordache created the technological part of the show. The original music composed by Diana Rotaru created a totally different world by humanizing the entire technological universe.


Full cast:

Concept: Cristina Lilienfeld, Dramaturg: Mihaela Dancs

Dancers: Alexandra Bălăşoiu, Denis Bolborea, Catrinel Catană, Răzvan Rotaru

Music: Diana Rotaru, Musicians: Sonomania Ensemble

Interactive design: Cristian Iordache, Light design: Alexandros Raptis, Costumes: Georgiana Gherghişan, Graphic design: Oana Băluţă, Video: Alina Uşurelu



Moving Fields means:

A research process that lasted for 2 months and was attended by the entire creative team;

Presentation of the show in October 2017 at the National Dance Center Bucharest;

Presentation of the show in October 2017 at the Brush Factory, Cluj – Napoca;

Contemporary Dance Workshop and sharing the practices that led to the creation of the show at the Brush Factory, Cluj – Napoca, supported by Cristina Lilienfeld (20 beneficiaries)

Presentation of the show in October 2017 at CC Reduta, Brasov.


Moving Fields is a project of PETEC Association funded by the National Cultural Fund Administration (AFCN) during the I 2017 session.

Partners:  The National Dance Center in Bucharest, The Brush Factory Cluj, The Reduta Cultural Center in Brasov, Arthub Bucharest, Radio Romania Cultural, The Arts and Crafts Magazine, Garbo Magazine,


Moving Fields received at the end of the year 2017  funding from the National Dance Center Bucharest, being presented at Replika Educational Theater in December, and was invited for the PLUSDANS program that took place at CC Linotip in Bucharest same year.