A truth, a lie and a list of possibilities is the first performance from the trilogy

Beauty – Disgust – Utopia, in which choreographer Andreea Novac turns her attention to beauty, understood as a communication experience or as an act of discovery, bare of esthetical promises.

„I don’t treat beauty as an object or as an esthetical quality, but more like a specific interaction between the spectator and the performer, which implies a transfer of power, a transformative experience, always unstable, enthralling and releasing at the same time, a reason for which, often, gives us lots of trouble.”  – Andreea Novac

„At the moment we see something beautiful, we undergo a radical decentering. Beauty lifts us, letting the ground rotate beneath us several inches, so that when we land, we find we are standing in a different relation to the world than we were a moment before.” –  Elaine Scarry


A truth, a lie and a list of possibilities is produced by the association Developing Art and is co-financed by the National Cultural Fund Administration (AFCN). It was premiered in September 2018 and the creative team reunites:

Concept: Andreea Novac

Choreography and performers: Andreea Belu, Cristina Lilienfeld (Artitic Director of PETEC Association), Andreea Novac

Sound Design: Shamamanu’

Light Design: Alexandros Raptis

Costumes: Sabina Suru

It was presented at the National Dance Center in Bucharest, The Brush Factory (Fabrica de Pensule) in Cluj – Napoca and Fix Theater, Iași.