“For several years I have been working with exhaustion as a source of energy regeneration and energy as a way of communicating, both in dance and outside, and looking for ways to build, live and transmit intensity.

In GROUP COREGRAPHY, choreography is generated in almost real time. The dancers, engaged in intense physical practice, negotiate from forms and pace to space and time, proposing visual-musical, kinesthetic, energetic and emotional experiences. In and out of control, balancing between knowing and not knowing, in obedience or isolation, moving bodies say nothing and nothing. “- Mihaela Alexandra Dancs”

A continuum that does not satisfy your expectation of a story or a critical subject. Group choreography is not a critical show.

It is a choreography in the purest sense that we can see today, led to a very powerful dramaturgy of the abstract, in the same sense as the term is used by Merce Cunningham or Lucinda Childs. Who comes with the expectation that he will be excited by a story or shocked by a treatment of a social critique or a current life theme will be disappointed.

But whoever comes to Group Choreography for just what expresses the title of the show, will have the surprise to be caught up in the compositional tensions that take place and unfold under the eyes of the spectator, will be surprised to slowly participate in the Chinese solving, caught in a flow and reflux of the dynamics of the 10 non-identity bodies. An artistic exercise of Mihaela Dancs and the 10 performers, which leads to a totally different aesthetics that surprises me by simplicity, strength and … by what for me is performance, the power of performers to stay connected, ” in the socket “with an intensity and quality of attention rarely achieved in the performative space lately.

The hedonistic spirit that crosses our age is filled with another form of pleasure: to look at accumulations, accelerating spatial and corporeal transformations, dynamic ratios, proximity registers of bodies that seem to multiply or demultiple, in a sequence. (Vava Stefanescu, CNDB Manager)

Choreographic Concept: Mihaela Alexandra Dancs

Spectacol performed and danced with: Andreea David, Andreea Novac, Cristian Nanculescu, Cristina Lilienfeld, Dionisie Lupu, Nicoleta Enache, Paul Dunca, Razvan Rotaru , Smaranda Găbudeanu.

Preparations during the rehearsals, sparring partner: Adriana Gheorghe

Light design: Alexandru BibereSunet: Marian Citu

Production of National Dance Center Bucharest 2015