The class contains elements of contemporary dance, somatic techniques, bodywork, real time composition and contact improvisation in order to access the creative resources of the body, to develop the ability of children to create elaborate compositions together or to spontaneously improvise. Children discover their own body language of expressing their inner world and establish a conscious relationship with the outside. Thus in the course we will develop both motor skills and mental attitudes of concentration on what we do and trust our own abilities to create coherent artistic movements and compositions.

Through movement and physical contact, children develop a new form of communication and knowledge of their own body and its creative possibilities that will manifest themselves beyond the space of the dance studio, in working sessions at the Museum of Recent Art, the Museum of the Senses, in the nature. We will occasionally have invited artists from other fields – actors, visual artists, musicians – to enrich our vocabulary and open to understanding the interdisciplinary character of contemporary art.

After a puppet-actor training, Smaranda Găbudeanu began her journey in comedy, opera shows, visual arts and performance, settling comfortably in the last years. In addition to participating in numerous artistic productions, Smaranda led workshops and classes in acting, puppet management, dance, shadows, storytelling or own formats that combine several arts in Bucharest, Brasov, Wroclaw and Genoa. He is a founding member of PETEC and a collaborator of the National Center for Dance and Nottara, Creangă and Excelsior theaters.

Fabio Maria Gerhold has an eclectic and international background, with dance studies, design, philosophy, international relations and history. Born in Austria, he has lived in Bucharest since 2017. In collaboration with the National Dance Center and the Austrian Tourist Office, he works as a freelancer in education, design, marketing and performance. Fabio is inspired and motivated by performing dance, organizational innovation, working with people (young and old), design and architecture.

Fabio and Smaranda can be seen together on the CNDB stage in the contemporary dance show for children “Val and Fortress of Souls”, created by Vava Ștefănescu