Exploring the city as part of a contemporary dance studio supported by choreographer Cristina Lilienfeld.

How do we integrate in the urban environment when we bring a material of unusual actions and movements for this environment? The 10 trainees have discovered how they can adapt their movement to let themselves be modeled by the external environment and how they can express their dance regardless of the restrictions.

Starring: Octavian Ivașcu, Wendy Laura, Ana Gabriela Lemnaru, Oana Abălaru, Ana Joița, Adriana Nausica Pais, Victor-Cristian Obancea, Simona Mirea, Laura Elena Prodan, Livia Abăseacă.

Video and edits: Alina Ușurelu

 Video Assistant: Anca Usurelu

Sound design: Florin Ciocan