After a time of exploring their own fears and learning from children stories that fascinate or keep them up at night, the artists set to work and created a “brave” performance. The team mixed text, shadow theatre, dance and original music to materialise and dematerialise childhood fears. The outcome is a children performance unique on the stages of Bucharest.

“Fapte Vitejesti is the most intelligent theatre performance for children that I have seen in 2015. A play about children’s fears and parents’ anxieties, humorously and tenderly debunked. A performance on the shadow of anxieties that grow tall or small within us.” (Mihaela Michailov, theatre critic, playwright)

by/ with: Ruxandra Coman, Paul Dunca/ Cristina Lilienfeld, Selma Dragoș, Smaranda Găbudeanu și Răzvan Rotaru
live music: Marian Cîtu (aka Rufi), George Turliu
light design: Alexandros Raptis

lenght: 40’ + 10-15’ discussions

Intended audience: 7-14 ani

produced by PETEC in 2015

performed at: National Dance Center CNDB, Replika, The Paintbrush Factory, Cluj Cultural Centre, George Ciprian Theatre, Marin Sorescu Theatre