The project is built around poetry of Kashmirian poetess Lalleshwari.

Group will be constructed using Human Design tools, which are used for the group dynamics.

The structure of the performance is simple, those who participate will read Lalla’s poem, the rest instructions will be disclosed after registration.

The participant chooses Lalla’s poem he/she likes the most and falls in love with it.  We meet in Skype or in the city to deconstruct the poem, discuss details and rehearse.

Lecture on poetics event and more info – https://www.facebook.com/events/1804513136244260/

The laboratory is open to anyone willing to perform.

~ For this you need to register and choose a poem (you will find the link in the end of description).


Meeting Lalla:

Lalla, for me, is not the person who made these vakhs.

Rather, it is a person who shines through them.

Lalla is a bright star in a pleiad of mysterious poets of medieval India such as Mirabai, Kabir, Tulsidas, the creator of the mystical poetry Vakh (lit. ‘speech’), which had a strong influence on the development of Kashmir literature. Having become beyond the limitations of referring herself to this or that religious trend, she is equally highly esteemed by both Hindu mystics and Sufis.

Traditionally, the teachings of Kashmiri Shaivism were transmitted to only a select few. Lalla became the first woman to openly talk about these practices to a wide range of people in the local Kashmiri language.

Lalla left all the writings behind and focused on the immediate experience of what had become only a matter of complications and discussions among the learned men. Appreciating the direct experience above the holy doctrines.

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