Project Description


In Body, signed by Diana Rotaru (composer) and Rares Zaharia (director), was presented at the National Music University of Bucharest and the Gheorghe Dima University of Music in Cluj – Napoca.

In Body on an original libretto by Ciprian Măceşaru, is a poetic-surestalistic meditation on the identity ambiguity: are we our body or what we perceive ourselves to be? How much does sexual identity matter? This thoughts are expressed through a story that has  the damned Hamlet-Ofelia couple in the center, each captive in each other’s body. Hamlet’s masculinity is represented by horns of deer – aggressive regency, and the femininity of Ofelia, the flowers – also present in the famous scene of his death in Shakespeare’s play. The timeless, magical frame abounds in symbols (the deer, the forest, the light / darkness duality, the lake, etc.). The four soloists represent the voices of the characters and their shadows (false bodies). The center of the show hosts a work-in-work (another hint at Hamlet) about social labels applied to women and men in a contemporary setting. The music of Diana Rotaru (interpreted by SonoMania ensemble) translates the polysemanism of the text into a postmodern sound language that goes through the singular, ritualistic, playful, dramatic and other narrative colors.

The syncretic team makes the show combine diverse mediums, symbols and influences:

Rareş Zaharia – Director

Diana Rotaru – Composition & Conductor

Andreea Koch – Set Design

Cristina Lilienfeld – Choreography

Ciprian Măceşaru – Libretto

Rodica Vică – HAMLET (soprano)

Antonela Bârnat – OFELIA (mezzo-soprano)

Smaranda Găbudeanu – Hamlet (dancer)

Cristina Lilienfeld – Ofelia (dancer)

SonoMania Ensemble: Valentin Ghita (English Oboe / Horn), Mihai Pintenaru (clarinet),

Horia Văcărescu (violin), Marian Movileanu (viola), Eugen-Bogdan Popa (violoncello),

Adriana Maier (piano), Sorin Rotaru (percussion)

Serioja Bocsok – video artist

Cristian Iordache (ygreq) – interactive designer

Maia Manolescu – graphics

The show is produced by the Art & Co Association and received funding from the National Cultural Fund Administration (AFCN). Winner of the UCIMR CAMERA Project.