“The starting point for my work was an image which had a lot of emotional and sensorial impact over me. In this image I saw the human living skin and how it changes with time, how it peels off and always regenerates. Lay(ers) is a performance about vulnerability and the fight to get inside the emotional body, it’s about showing and offering and receiving the audience inside me.” Cristina Lilienfeld

“Lay (ers) can be seen as a feminist manifestation of the idealized feminine body, which must fit into the famous impossible standards, but it is more than that. In the end, the author comes in public and disappears among us, so it’s part of us.

Christina Lilienfeld gives us a lesson of kindness, vulnerability and gentleness. She shows us everything she means through a journey-journal that stimulates our senses and inner feelings. It gives us a context of meditation, it expands us, even if we have attached clothing, but the vulnerability comes, obviously, from a source other than body flesh. “

Giorgio Agamben, Silvia Cazacu, Reporter Arts and Crafts, said that after two world wars , which really remains the guarantor and guarantor of individual freedom, is the skin and the blood group, and we could add that after a Cold War and an economic crisis that has not yet ended, it does not even guarantee individual freedom. The skin and the blood group became exchange cargo, if not directly, then surely symbolically. And the interrogations that come out of the layers of Cristina Lilienfeld’s performance are about this contemporary extension of the symbolic capital of the skin and blood “Igor Mocanu, curator

by/starring: Cristina Lilienfeld

light design: Alexandros Raptis

producers: Centrul de Cultură ”George Apostu” Bacău și Centre Choreographique TROI C-L

Durata: 25’

Public: 14+

created in 2013 in Luxembourg, Artistne(s)t residency

2013 Grand Prize at the National Contest for Choreography in Bucharest.

performed at the National Dance Center, Bucharest  2014-2018 and Marin Sorescu Theatre, Craiova

2014 Beyond the Threshold (Seattle International Dance Festival) US

2016 Dance Roads Programme: Glob Theatre – Bordeaux (FR), Lavanderia a Vapore – Turin  (IT),

National Centre of Dance- Bucharest, (RO), Stadstheater – Arnhem (NL); Chapter -Cardiff (UK)