„They’re Not All Heroes”  is a strongly experiential performance that challenges the audience to question their own roots and emotional nurture. Starting from a dialogue with their late grandfathers, the artists seek answers to questions like: what does it mean to integrate your personal past or to re-integrate a past that you knew through media or official history? Where is the border between collective and personal subconscious?
The show addresses issues like freedom of speech, fighting censorship and resistance in totalitarian regimes. Personal interpretations mix with powerful images from the collective memory and create a bridge between subjectivity and objectivity.

by /with: Lilienfeld & Găbudeanu
sound, live electronics & voice performance: Marian Cîtu aka Rufi
light design & voice performance: Alexandru Bibere
co-production: PETEC- ColectivA

lenght: 50’

opened at Temps d’Images International Festival, Cluj 2014
festivals: LIKE CNDB, Infinite Dance Festival, Perform(d)ance Festival
fragments in NAG and Round Table & CampFest artist talk at Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart

performed at the National Dance Center (CNDB): 2015, 2016, 2018