Dancing, live music and a well known story that changes with each show open a conversation between the team of performers and the audience. The main questions are: what does it mean to be truthful or false? When is it OK to lie? Is it? What is authenticity? All these questions are opened to the audience without offering a certain fixed and permanent answer, trying to remain fluid.

“For Real” is an improvisation performance dedicated to children, that changes with every new space (theater, park, school) and every new audience.

Team: Cătălin Diaconu, Cristina Lilienfeld, Filip Stoica, Georgiana Gherghişan, Oana Băluţă, Răzvan Rotaru, Selma Dragoş, Smaranda Găbudeanu, Virginia Negru
It takes a minimum of 4 artists to do the show.

flexible length: 30’-60’
intended audience: 6-12 years
produced by PETEC in 2016
Performed at: National Dance Center, Excelsior Theatre, Elisabeta Theatre, Balcescu Cultural Center, Ferdinand School, The Paintbrush Factory