Performance MARe

Performance by the participating dancers in Contact Bucharest Festival at the Museum of Recent Art, June 2019

“It was quite amazing to find visitors in this space that is” home “. The relationship between the works of art and the movements of the dancers was so intimate, real, transforming and revealing unexpected meanings, that for more than an hour, we had the feeling that we were somewhere else. We will come back with other pictures and videos. Until then we can metabolize these literally amazing moments. “(MARe team)

Protagonists: Alexandra Balasuiu, Anjelika Doniy, Inna Falkova, Smaranda Găbudeanu, Sergey Golovnea, Ksenia Isaeva, Nadya Izosimova, Izumi Kuribayashi, Cristina Lilienfeld, Virginia Negru, Zoe Ramsey and Antonina Sheina, Alexandra Soshnicova and Benno Voorham.