VOLUME – Body in space

The space-to-body relationship has been much and often approached in architecture and dance. We go a step further and join the first two video exploration and psychology. So wait for them at VOLUME. Body in space those who want to experience the space-body relationship in an interdisciplinary form. In a (super) intensive four day lab.

We offer 4 modules – supported by Valentina de Piante Niculae and Andreea Novac (contemporary dance), Sava Mina (architecture), Simona Deaconescu and Alina Uşurelu (video exploration), Crista Darie (psychology) – in which we will try to discover and relax and performative, and theoretical and practical, but especially creative, ways to reactivate, reinterpret and reposition the inside (somatic, affective, mental) with the exterior (built, architectural, utilitarian) using visual language as a means and integrative environment.

Participation in the workshop is open to a maximum of 20 participants who assume their presence throughout the workshop period.