About Us

PETEC is an interdisciplinary platform for production, research and education in contemporary performing arts, with openness to related artistic, social and humanistic fields.
Our values ​​are closely related to the courage of free thinking, risk-taking, appreciation of vulnerability, freedom of expression, respect for the public. PETEC’s productions start from the exploration of some awkward themes and performative languages, by which we test new methods and new forms of work each time.
These experiments take shape in various performances, from contemporary dance and theater plays to performing performances in unconventional spaces. PETEC artists’ interest in researching the movement and the body in a performative context has led to the creation of international training and exchange programs such as Contact Bucharest Festival.
Our classes and workshops were born out of a desire to approach and communicate with the audience of ages and backgrounds. Participants are invited to experiment directly with artistic means specific to contemporary art, which become tools of exploration and self-knowledge.