The Great Scheme Of Things was released in November 2018 and contained tracks from the recorded album as well as other sound sequences presented as a music-dance performance by Gabriela and Cristian Fierbinteanu along with the choreographers Smaranda Gabudeanu and Cristina Lilienfeld from Petec Association.

The music was composed, recorded and produced in the last three years, during which The Great Scheme of Things was presented as a contemporary dance performance in dance festivals. Also, three of the songs on the album were released as videos.

Fierbinteanu is an art-pop duo formed by Gabriela Fierbinteanu (voice) and Cristian Fierbinteanu (computer, bass, voice). The band made several albums and performed on some of the most important European scenes (Berlin Konzerthaus, Berghain, etc.). Fierbinteanu’s productions were presented and awarded in contemporary dance, film and audio creation festivals.

The Great Scheme of Things is a new, interdisciplinary concept for Fierbinteanu, featuring a music album, a choreographic show with visual and theater elements and an experimental movie made up of LP videos. The Great Scheme of Things can also take the form of a performative installation.

It was presented at the the Choreography Regional Biennial held in November 2016 at the National Dance Center in Bucharest, in Like CNDB 2017 festival, Contemporary Dance Season in 2017 and Independent Contemporary 11plus1 – Marin Sorescu Craiova National Theater. In 2018 choreographers Cristina Lilienfeld and Smaranda Gabudeanu joined the team.

The Great Scheme of Things is a contemporary message addressed to Humanity. The authors use a philharmonic grandiosity using pop-punk aesthetics, the instruments being the realities, beliefs and illusions of human life, primordial and modern: love, civil rights, pornography, socialism and capitalism, God, Satan, Elvis, New York, etc.

Among the videos already released, Adore was presented at the Bucharest International Dance Film Festival (BIDFF) 2017 and the Bucharest International Experimental Film Festival (BIEFF) 2018, while Corporate America received the first prize at the Next On Stage competition organized by TIFF, Fierbinţeanu to perform at TIFF 2019. People, You Will not Understand Us! won the award for Best Video at the Stone Film in 2017, while the videos Next Revolution, Please! and Consumers, still officially unreleased, were presented at BIDFF 2017 and BIEFF 2018, respectively. Last but not least, the songs Adore and Next Revolution, Please! were selected at the Phonurgia 2018 festival held in Paris at the Bibiliothèque Nationale de France, being the first time a Romanian artist entered the portfolio of this sound creation festival.

”Splendid and yes, they are part of those elite musicians made in RO who are perfectly capable of building a show from visual and music and stage performance. An artistic duo that, frankly, deserves total fascination.”Art7


”One of the most eccentric creatures of independent music produced in Romania.”The Dilema Veche


”The strangest and experimental duo of Romanian electronic music.”VICE Romania

”The electronic psychedelic duo of Romania.”Stereo Beasts