Project Description


A performance project in which three young women explore stories of intimacy. The desire for intimacy, the lack of intimacy, the abuse of intimacy, the misunderstandings of intimacy, the alienation from intimacy.

How can we come closer to others when we don’t let others come close to you?

How to be intimate in a virtual world?

How does your smartphone feel, smell, touch, listen or comfort you?

How is shame touching desire touching intimacy touching your body touching your soul?

During a one-month rehearsal period the Dutch/Swedish dance artist Benno Voorham will create a performance together with Cristina Lilienfeld, Smaranda Găbudeanu and Simona Baciu from Rumania. The working period will start with an intensive research period to develop ideas through improvisations and collecting material that will help us on our journey into the depths of our desires, our fears or love towards intimacy. We will collect stories from others and source into our own stories. The body and its capacity to reveal through movement what we can’t say in words, will be our starting point. We will use video to support or contradict what the body is telling. Enlarging details; zooming in to reveal what is otherwise hidden to the eyes; zooming out to place the body in a wider context.

The performance that we intend to create will be a poetic, visual, moving journey into the underworld of our desires, an intimate travel to what motivates us to be with ourselves or with others.

Can we overcome the alienation that is often experienced between me, myself and you?