Is a process of charging, discharging, conservation, offering and plunging inside the body and the mind of the performers. During this experience-performance each of us (dancer or member of the audience) researches an answer to the question: what moves us?

Researching the origin of movement, four dancers enter a deep communication with themselves, with the physical space and the sound, with the interactive technology  and the audience.

Technology plays an important part in this piece, the body being challenged to adapt and communicate with the elements of the interactive installation.

Moving Fields is a route of loading, downloading, preserving, dedicating, and sounding artists to the audience. During this road each of us outlines the question “what moves us?”

“Tensions are released at the meeting of two activated corpuscles that make the world seem a defective kaleidoscope. And in this process the leaves come alive and the light turns into sound because in a show experiment everything is possible. “Lorin Corrylus – blogger

choreography: Cristina Lilienfeld
dramaturgy: Mihaela Dancs, Cristina Lilienfeld
dancers: Alexandra Bălășoiu, Denis Bolborea, Catrinel Catană, Răzvan Rotaru, Cristina

music by: Diana Rotaru
studio recording with: Sonomania ansamble
interactive installation: Cristian Iordache
costumes: Georgiana Gherghișan
light design: Alexandros Raptis
graphic design: Oana Băluță

lenght: 60’

Produced by  PETEC in 2017

Performed at: National Dance Center, Replika, Bucharest;