The Team

Cristina Lilienfeld

Cristina Lilienfeld studied choreography and psychology and constantly searched for the space where this two disciplines meet.

She recently worked with various choreographers and performers, as well as with visual artists and musicians, as she is part of different interdisciplinary art groups.

Her performances, “Lay(ers), “They’re not All Heroes”, “Valiant Deeds” (performance for children), “Moving Fields” as well as many performances in which she dances are still present on the stages of Bucharest and elsewhere locally and internationally.

In 2016 she traveled with Dance Roads programme, touring five european countries with her performance, Lay(ers). In both her art and the workshops she coordinates, Cristina looks to bring out authenticity in every situation.

She became a member of PETEC Association in 2015, an association which produces various types of performances from contemporary dance, to theater and shadow theater, from video dance, to theater for children and improvisation shows. A main objective for PETEC is to support the dialogue between diverse artists and institutions, to create connections between different arts, to make space for communication and experiments. PETEC’s role in education is an important one and it’s visible both through the workshops that were organised by the association and through the performances proposed in the last couple of years.

Tel:0721261370, 0724357237

Smaranda Găbudeanu

Based on her formal education in theatre acting and puppet theatre, Smaranda’s work unfolds in a trans/disciplinary perspective, integrating today different practices and disciplines.The body/bodies and movement are at the core of all activities, both as the material and the perspective of investigation.

Some of the works she created and/or was involved in as a dancer/performer are Inhabited / (În)locuit (for which she collaborated with 7 symphonic music composers and a quartet),  They’re Not All Heroes – co-created, In Total Balance (dance&technology) by Dilmana Yordanova, Group Choreography by Mihaela Dancs, The Great Scheme of Things (art-pop music show, co-creation), În trup (chamber Opera), After.Life by Sasha Dodo etc, all staged at the National Dance Centre in Bucharest and presented in various festivals in Romania and abroad.

She was curated by Mihaela Kavdanska in Camp Festival for Visual Music, by Jean Lorin Sterian for an Ommen & Amsterdam residency, by Irinel Anghel in E-motional Rethinking Dance residency and by Olivia Nițiș and Ciprian Ciuclea at a WASP residency where she co-created No Apples for One Month instalation. She participated in and also created her own research labs in movement with the support of the National Dance Centre. As an actor she played in different productions in state theatres and underground troups.  

Next to the on-going work on art productions, a main focus concerns practical and skill-based exploration in body-bound practices and knowledge such as, for example, somatic and compositional techniques or contact improvisation.

She attended seminars of theoreticians and dramaturgs as Andrei Lepecki, Sandra Noeth, Mila Pavičević, Angela Vadory and worked with dance makers and teachers such as Jan Burkhardt, Stephen Batts, Cyrus Khambata, Scott Wells and practiced Feldenkrais with Cathrina Choate, Valentina di Piante,  Malcolm Maning and others. Practiced music & dance improvisation with Aldo Aranda and improv theatre with various actors.
She founded the independent company PETEC in 2013 that continues to be supported by national cultural authorities as well as a wide range of project-related partners.

Tel:0721261370, 0724357237


Virginia Negru

Virginia Negru studies dance and the intelligence of the body with the intensity and passion of a scientific researcher.

She discovered the pleasure of organizing her movements in sophisticated ways before she could talk; soon she realized that what she was doing was called dance.

In addition to the formal studies she has followed, she thinks she has learned and understood the most about her movement and dance through self-education, pursuing and seeking to work with the teachers who inspired her.

Some examples are: Catrina Choate (Contemporary and Feldenkrais), Amalia Strinopoulou (Limon Technique) Lelia Marcu (Ballet), Steve Batts and Ursula Laeubli, Benno Voorham and Sybrig Dokter, Scott Wells, Ekaterina Ericson, Alexandra Soshnicova and Serghei Golovnya, Cyrus Khambatta, Nora Hajos, Nancy Stark Smith , Ralf Jaroschinski, Sveta Bird, Sasha Dodo, Bernd Knappe, Adrian Russi and Manuela Blanchard, Susanne Martin (Instant Composition, View Points and Contact Improvisation). She first discovered and practiced Contact Improvisation in 2006 at the Bucharest Theater Festival.

Then she continued studying this form of dance in Europe and USA. At the present moment, together with the PETEC Association, she organizes the International Festival of Contact Improvisation – Contact Bucharest Festival (2016-2019) and participates in the production of performances that use the CI and improvisation as a form of dance.

Tel:0721261370, 0724357237

Răzvan Rotaru

Răzvan Rotaru is an actor, a dancer, a puppeteer, a human being and last but not least a performer who is permanently curious and amazed. He likes playing and acting, he believes very much in the very moments taking place here and now, while constantly looking for new feelings and senses.

He combines acting with movement, juggling theatrical performances (“Super OK”, “Masa Puterilor Noastre” [The Table of Our Strenghts]), contemporary dance shows (“Moving Fields”, “Basma Curată” [Clean Wrap]), interactive shows (“Crimă la cină” [Dinner and Crime], “Pe bune” [Oh, really]), alongside circus performances (“Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”).

He has recently joined comedy and dance in producing the contempo-fun duet with Filip Stoica “5cu23 n01” [Now you excuse us]. He loves children very much, ‘having’ more than 200 at his Buzău-based Mike’s School of Dance.

Tel:0721261370, 0724357237

Alina Ușurelu

Alina Uşurelu (EZA) graduated from the master program: Spectacle. Multimedia. Society. at the Center for Excellence in Image Surveying.

She is a visual artist and collaborates with members of the contemporary dance community. He wants to develop the production of video-dance in Romania and launches innovative multimedia proposals.

In 2016 he launches his first experimental dance track, Up Stairs, and begins to offer amateur image classes. In 2017 she creates and implements the Exposing Movement project and prepares for performance and multimedia installations.

Tel:0040 737 522 633

Simona Baciu

Simona Baciu has been practicing modern dance, folk, ballet and street dance since the age of 3, and contemporary dance studied at the National Theater of Theater and Cinematography, Choreography, which she graduated in 2017. She taught and created choreographic material for children and adults from the age of 14, and later set up his own dance troupe dedicated to commercial events. She is currently performing, dancing and studying various techniques and body approaches in the performance and therapeutic area. Techniques to which it has been given the most attention are Contact Improvisation, Gaga, Butoh and Axis Syllabus.

 Simona is the organizer of workshops, residences and retreats of Contact Improvisation, Gaga, Axis Syllabus, Butoh and Sufi Whirling in Romania: “Art Laboratory in Colibita”, “Transylvania Contact Improvisation Residency”, “Butoh & Sensitive Dance in the Forest of Transylvania “,” Poetic Body Retreat “,” Inspiral-Contact Improvisation & Sufi Whirling “,” Art-Continuum “,” Shift Platform “), its aim being to offer Romanian dancers the opportunity to explore and to develops in body approaches now circulating in the world in the area of ​​contemporary dance.

 Simona traveled and studied Contact Improvisation with Sasha Dodo, Sveta Bird, Virginia Negru, Sergey Golovnea & Alexandra Soshnicova, Ulli Wittemann, Mirva Makinen, Elisa Ghion, Lior Ophir, Katja Mustonen, Dolores Marks, Caterina Mocciola, Vega Lukkonen, Giulio Piazzi , Kama Jankowska, Ivaylo Dimitrov, Ekaterina Basalaeva, Adrian Russi, Suzzane Martin, Barbara Berti, Luca Carco Pacella, Stephen Batts. He studied Gaga with Melanie Sorin and Natalia Iwaniec, Axis Syllabus with Baris Mitch, Feldenkrais with Valentina de Piante Niculae and Butoh with Kha Tonetti & Tivi Tavi.

Simona taught Contact Improvisation in Thailand, Timisoara, Cluj-Napoca and Bucharest.
His collaboration with Petec began in 2017 in the “After.Life” project and continued in 2019 with the “Performing School for Children” and Contact Bucharest Festival.

Tel:0721261370, 0724357237

Valentin Ghita


Romanian National Radio Symphony Orchestra

Sonomania New Music Ensemble

Director Artistic:

Bucharest International Music Competition

Bucharest Winds Ensemble

            One of the most active romanian musicians of his generation, Valentin Ghita, studied oboe with Florin Ionoaia at the National University of Music Bucharest and with Aurel Marc at the “Gheorghe Dima” MusicAcademy Cluj-Napoca. He received a careful artistic guidance from professor Dorin Gliga after finishing his studies. He also received the teaching of leading soloists such as François Leleux, Albrecht Mayer, David Walter, Gregor Witt, Christian Schmitt, Diego Dini Ciacci, Matthias Becker, Hans Elhorst and Emilia Ksánky during masterclasses he attended.

            Valentin Ghita is the winner of five national oboe competitions. As a soloist he performed with orchestras such as Bucharest Radio Chamber Orchestra, Moldavian National Philharmonic Orchestra, Moldavian National Radio Symphony Orchestra, Transilvania Philharmonic Orchestra, Pitești Philharmonic Orchestra, Botoșani Philharmonic Orchestra, Râmnicu Vâlcea Philharmonic Orchestra, Brăila Philharmonic Orchestra, Târgoviște Philharmonic Orchestra, Napoca Chamber Orchestra, Focșani Chamber Orchestra, Camerata Lanto Arte.

          As soloist and chamber musician he was invited in Masan Contemporary Music Festival – South Coreea, Eulsukdo Composition Music Festival, Busan – South Coreea, J.I. Schnabel Music Festival, Nowogrodziec – Poland, Balchik Classic Days Music Festival –  Bulgaria, Cluj Modern Festival – Romania. He was a guest oboist in concerts with Romanian National Youth Orchestra, Neue Internationale Philharmonie, Mozart Kammerphilarmonie, Bombay Chamber Orchestra, Camerata Regala, Camerata Elite, Profil and Devotio Moderna new music ensembles.

            His passion for teaching began as a guest lecturer in Mumbay, invited by The Bombay Chamber Orchestra Society in 2005. He was appointed full chamber music professor at “Sigismund Toduță” Music College Cluj-Napoca from 2006 until 2008, associate chamber music professor at the “Gheorghe Dima” Music Academy Cluj-Napoca from 2008 until 2009 and associate oboe professor at the National University of Music Bucharest from 2016 to 2017.

            Chamber music occupies a central focus in his musical life, performing regularly with Bucharest Winds Ensemble wich he founded in 2013. Attached to the modern music, he is actively interested in new repertoire for oboe wich he constantly presents as a member of Sonomania contemporary music ensemble. From 2009, Valentin Ghita is oboist of the Romanian National Radio Symphony Orchestra in Bucharest.     

As orchestra musician he performed in some major music festivals such as George Enescu International Festival, International Radio Orchestras Festival, Varna Summer International Music Festival, Mărțișor International Festival Chișinău, Shanghai  Spring International Music Festival, Sibiu, Craiova and Timișoara Music Festivals, Balcic Clasic Days. He performed under conductors such as Lawrence Foster, Christan Zacharias, James Gaffigan, Asher Fisch, Cornelius Meister, James Judd, Leo Hussain, Ion Marin, Julien Salemkour, Cristian Măcelaru, David Cresenzi, Case Scaglione, Peter Feranec, Mihail Agafița, Cristian Mandeal.

Tel:0721261370, 0724357237

Filip Stoica

I am an interpreter and choreographer, with a kinetic basis in contemporary dance, contact improvisation and breakdance, ways of movement that I deepen since 2010.

Collaboration with the Galway Dance Academy (Ireland), Bucharest Metropolitan Circus (Romania), Linotip – Independent Coregraphic Center, working with choreographers like Jan Burkhardt, Marty Kudelka, Dan Puric, Amalia Strinopoulou, Gigi Caciuleanu and choreographic studies within UNATC Bucharest made me to reach the conclusion that I learn and develop my best body intelligence at the cultural and interactive intersection of different ways of referring to dance, movement.

I do not regard movement or dance as materializations of different techniques, but as manifestations of sensory, emotional, mental data embodied in each of us: walking, breathing, gesture are movements and dances contained in each body.

All these experiences and experiences came to light during the preparation of my own show, “Sorry, we!,” hosted at the Artist’s Nest in Bucharest.

Sasha Dodo

Sasha Dodo (Alexander Omelchenko) (RU) – Independent artist engaged in poetry, experimental theatre, dance improvisation and film. Involved in the organization of alternative environments for educational research and production of art; residencies, festivals, retreats and workshops, poetic films and performances in Europe and Asia. 

His artistic work is based on contemplation; through visual arts, movement and text they seek pathways to unfold poetic vision and uncover the presence of the unknown. An important part of the research happens in close relation with nature.

In his teaching work, curious to shape spaces where knowledge can unfold in a mutual stream of creation, beyond the usual format of student – teacher relationship. Providing an environment for the investigation of body intelligence in relation to spatial awareness and the imagination. 

Often sharing his research through Contact Improvisation, Japanese Butoh dance, Sufi whirling.  

Together with Dolores Dewhurst – Marks creating, directing, organising of Art Continuum Nomadic Residency:

Author of fairy tales book “vertigo”, 2018. 

Director of the “” contemporary dance perfromance based on 

Chuang Chou fairy tales and poetry of Zarey Garunts, told by japanese butoh dance, contact improvisation, video perfromance, shwadow theatre and live music improvisation. Shown in Romania, 2017.

Director of the “forgotten poem” poetic contemplative dance film based on poetry and dances Dolores Dewhurst – Marks. 2018

Facilitator “solipsis art lab” about dance improvisation and performance inspired by butoh dance and contact improvisation in Bulgaria, Romania 2016, 2017 (12 times) and director outcome performances “chestnut garden”, “clouds of peace’, “in the absence of a flower” and “the lost place”.


  • events for italian compania kha focused on butoh dance: 
  • workshops “dance of the soul”, perfromances “white hot” in Russia 2016 and retreat “everything is vibration” in Unkraine 2017; 
  • “contact impro college” internation education platform for contact improvisation in Ukraine, 2015, 2016; 
  • “inci” festivals of contact improvisation and video perfomance in Crimea 2013,2014; 
  • “nowness” festivals about spontaneus creativity with Zarey Garunts in Ukraine 2012, 2014 (6 times); 
  • “light and love” festivals of non-duality and awareness in Crimea 2012 – 2015 (7 times).

Performances created in period 2016-2019 in Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Thailand:

“Chestnut garden”, “Clouds of peace’, “In the absance of flower”, “The lost place”, “”, “Dance dancing itself”, “River of remembrance”, “The lost Place”, “Face of time”, “House in the rain”, “We are a Child”, “Metamorphosis”.

Katreni B. Maticce

Katreni B. Maticce (Ekaterina Zorina) –  somatic practitioner, I study and facilitate Ideokinesis. I dance contact improvisation as well. As nomadic artist in broad terms I create visual and performative structures, read lectures within Spatial Poetry framework. 

Being a certified consultant in Human Design/ BG5 and Gene Key Ambassador, I practice one on one guidance and service to all who resonates, as well as group gatherings – in formats of live retreats, meetings and as online courses. 

One of the main project is Portal Labs – is an initiative merging Gene Keys live transmission,  Human Design system mechanics and somatic practices. 

More on my website:

My work with PETEC consists in a series of lectures, a workshop on ideokinesis and the laboratory and performace IAMLALLA in the frame of After.Life project.

Mircea Lazăr

Born in 1982, Mircea Lazar began violin studies at the age of five in his hometown, Deva.

At the age of thirteen he continued his training in Bucharest, with professor Carmen Runceanu and master Stefan Gheorghiu. After graduating from Ciprian Porumbescu Conservatoire, he earned a scholarship at the University of Ohio, USA and in 2009 he was accepted at the New World Symphony Orchestra in Miami Beach, under the direction of Michael Tilson Thomas.

During his artistic activity he has performed recitals both in Romania and in the United States, he has gained a special musical experience under the baton of famous conductors (Michael Tilson Thomas, Andris Nelsons, John Adams, Esa‐Pekka Salonen, Riccardo Muti, Stéphane Denève, Osmo Vänskä, etc.) collaborated with orchestras as a concertmaster or soloist (New World Symphony, Miami Lyric Opera, Augustin Bena Alba Iulia Orchestra), and benefited from Masterclasses and collaboration (concerts or recitals) (Gil Shaham, Midori Goto, Christian Tetzlaff, Leila Josefowicz, Alexandr Gavrilovich, Jamie Laredo, Jennifer Koh, etc.).

Mircea performs in the show Inhabited, co-produced by PETEC in 2018. 

Marian Cîtu

Marian Cîtu alias Rufi is Artist, Sound Designer and Performer.

He started his career at Studio88, alongside Matze and Silent Strike, and then worked at Multimedia East, one of the most important production and post-production houses in Romania. Based on his studio experience, he decides to compose music for theater, dance, animation and film.

He works alongside artists from Romania, America and Europe. He released two electronic music albums, Innercolour (2008) and Vowels of Peace (2019). Produces IndieAir, a podcast show, which can be listened on He studied at SAE Multimedia, Secrets of Mixing with Cristi Dobrica. He is currently passionate about the influence of sound on life forms and travels with various shows throughout the country.

Eugen-Bogdan Popa

The cellist Eugen-Bogdan Popa was born in Iași, Romania, in 19 april 1980. He completed his music training at ”Octav Băncilă” Art Highschool in Iași, with prof. Eugenia-Liliana Baciu and at the National University of Music Bucharest, under the guidance of prof. Tiberiu Ungureanu. He remained close to the university environment: from 2010 he is a Doctor in Music and between 2011 – 2018 he was an associate professor at the cello department of the National Music University in Bucharest.

Since 2001, Eugen-Bogdan Popa works as cellist in the symphony orchestra of ”George Enescu” Philharmonic Bucharest

He has a concert activity with his wife, the pianist Anamaria Biaciu-Popa. He is member of the ClavioArte piano trio, of the ensembles PROFIL, PROPULS, SonoMania (contemporary music), he collaborated with the Chamber and Symphony Radio orchestras, with the ”Virtuozii” chamber orchestra. He participated as cellist in the musical part of some theatre and dramatic productions (Deceballo, Carmen`s Tragedy, The Journey of Orpheus) and took part in CD recordings (Electrecord, Polish Institute in Bucharest, British Council), in TV and radio broadcasts/recordings (TVR Iaşi, Radio Iaşi, TVR 1, TVR Cultural, TV Trinitas). Starting with 2015 he participates in national musicological colloquiums in Botoșani and Iași.

Diana Rotaru

Composer Diana Rotaru (b. 1981, Bucharest) has written from chamber and orchestral music to chamber opera, multimedia or dance shows and short film soundtracks. Her music explores different expressive directions, such as hypnagogia or pre-oneiric aesthetics, feminine psyche or imaginary folklore. She has also been active as a promoter of new music in Romania, being the Artistic Director of SonoMania new music ensemble (since 2012) and the main coordinator of the Romanian Music Information Center (CIMRO). Since 2019 she is President of the ISCM Romanian Section (the International Society for Contemporary Music) and Artistic Director of MERIDIAN Festival.

She is currently teaching composition and music analysis at the National University of Music in Bucharest, where she studied with Ştefan Niculescu and Dan Dediu (2000-2005) and she has a PhD in Composition (with the dissertation The Recent Trance and the Principle of Repetition in New Music, 2012). She also studied with Frédéric Durieux at the Conservatoire National Superieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris (2005-2006). She participated at different summer composition courses such as Acanthes (Metz, 2008), Voix Nouvelles-Royaumont (2002 and 2006), or the International Bartok Seminary (Szombathely, 2003), thus working with Jonathan Harvey, Savatore Sciarrino, Brian Ferneyhough or Michael Jarrell, among others.

She was a resident at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris (Autumn 2007), on a George Enescu grant from the Romanian Cultural Institute. In April 2011 she was an artist-in-residence at Villa Sträuli, Winterthur (Switzerland), at the invitation of Ensemble TaG, who performed her music in two concerts during that period (Verborgen in einer Muschel/ Hidden Inside a Shell – Theater am Gleis and Meet the Artist: Diana Rotaru – Villa Sträuli). In April-June 2015 she was Artist-in-Residence in Vienna, with a grant offered by the Austrian Federal Chancellery & KulturKontakt Vienna.

She has won numerous prizes, among which the Romanian Academy’s George Enescu Award (2010), the ISCM-IAMIC Young Composer Award (World Music Days, Vilnius, 2008), the Irino Prize (Japan, 2004) or the George Enescu Prize ex-aequo (Romania, 2003 and 2005). Her works have been commissioned by Ensemble XXI (Dijon), Stockholm Saxophone Quartet, Pärlor för svin, Ernst von Siemens Foundation, Takefu International Music Festival, etc.

In September 2018 she was invited to be an assistant professor to Toshio Hosokawa at the Takefu International Music Festival in Japan and she held a composition masterclass (through the Erasmus+ program) at the “Nino Rota” Conservatory in Monopoli.

Benno Voorham

Benno Voorham is an international performer, choreographer and teacher from Holland, living in Stockholm since 1995. Since his graduation in 1986 from the School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam he has worked internationally as an independent dance-artist, directing his own work as well as collaborating with others in both set and improvised pieces. Together with Sybrig Dokter he started LAVA-Dansproduktion, an international operating association for dance, based in Stockholm. He was a member of the Greek dance-theatre company ‘Wrong Movement’ (1993-2007) and has worked as a dancer/actor at the City Theatre of Stockholm (2005–2007). In recent years he has choreographed several works for children and youth. He is an acclaimed international teacher of Contact Improvisation and Compositional Improvisation. In both his teaching and performance work, he is interested in exploring the creative and narrative potentials of the human body.

George Turliu

George Turliu has a long experience (over 10 years) in conducting educational activities and interactive workshops for children, organized both in educational and cultural institutions and in non-governmental organizations. His activity as a member of the “Einuiea” and “Trei Parale” ensembles inspired him to create an original workshop, “Musical Odyssey”, in which the return of Ulysses to Itaca becomes a musical journey in which children are actively involved.

Also, the original live music for silent black and white movies and shows.

Alexandros Raptis

Born in 1989 in Greece, Alexandros Raptis works in the performing arts. His main areas of interest are theater management, light design and musical composition. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts in the UNATC “I.L. Caragiale” in 2012, and then she followed the Master’s Degree in Sound & Light Design from the same university. Since 2014, he has been creating light design or music for performances, jazz concerts and theater. The most recent show he directed is “SuperOK” by M. Mororoianu. Other shows in which he was involved are: “Plastic” by M. Mayenburg (r. Cristian Popescu), “Nok! Nok!” by Nicoleta Lefter, “Counterbody” by Simona Deaconescu and “Summer in which the mother had green eyes” by T.Țîbuleac (r. Nicoleta Lefter). He lives and works in Bucharest, but is also involved in projects in other cities or countries. He makes electronic music with Andrei Raicu, in the formula Al’iikhwa Ra.

Alexandros is a light designer in most PETEC projects.

Cătălin Diaconu

My interest in dance and movement in general has been present since childhood. I was moving all the time following the rhythm of the songs I heard and at the same time trying to imitate the dangerous stunts I saw in the movies. At that time I dreamed of becoming a cashier.

I practiced Kung Fu for a few years when I was in elementary school but I stopped because I felt it was too violent for me. Many years later, I returned to a more fluid, inward-oriented practice: Tai Chi, which I practiced for several years and helps me to use the principles of movement and breathing learned back then.

The moment came, in 2015, when I discovered Contact Improvisation, which is my main movement and dance practice for the last four years. This studio culminated with a year (2019) dedicated entirely to the performance and research of this form of dance. I attended and held classes at international Contact Improvisation festivals (India, Thailand, Ukraine, Ireland) and are part of the team of organizing the Contact Improvisation festival in Bucharest. From 2018 I started teaching Contact Improvisation classes, alone and in collaboration with other teachers.

I performed in the dance performances: “After.Life” and “Pe Bune” and numerous dance improvisation performances, organized in various public spaces.

Alexandra Bălășoiu

She is a performer / choreographer established in Bucharest, with working experience in designing and implementing cultural projects.

Since 2016 she coordinates the Indie Box initiative, being responsible for the planning and implementation of the main programs and projects under this umbrella: Flowprints (2016-2020), Earsight (2017), Singing Bodies (2018), Voice Lab (2018), I Am You (2019), 100% Human Voice (2020).

She graduated from the National University of Theater and Cinematographic Art Bucharest, the choreography section in 2014 under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Raluca Ianegic. In 2013 she presented 1-1 in the Explore Dance Festival on the RO Platform, and in 2015 she was selected by 4Culture for a Wild Card in the Life Long Burning, being integrated into the ex.r.ce master’s program at CNDC Montpellier.

Since 2013 she is part of the TANGAJ DANCE team, coordinated by Simona Deaconescu, being involved in the productions “0001 | The Dream Factory “,” 0002 | Birdville “,” Counterbody “,” a museum (theater) “and the dance movie” Silent Places “.

As a performer she collaborated with Andreea Belu, Alexandra Gîrbea, Cristina Lilienfeld, Valentina De Piante and Anne Dubois.

In 2017 she works as a research assistant with Valentina de Piante at the educational heart project and is part of the creative team of the circus show “Reveria” at the state Metropolitan Circus where she returns in 2018 to perform the choreography of the musical “Bucharest, Je T ‘ aime “.

As a result of the research conducted in the public space within the Singing Bodies project, she creates the performative solo “Spooky actions of a spoiled girl”.

 Since 2014 she regularly teaches contemporary dance courses for beginners and advanced students along with Simona Deaconescu and Denis Bolborea, being invited as a teacher at the Contact Improvisation Festival in Bucharest.

With PETEC Alexandra she also collaborates in the performing projects Moving Fields, On Good and Moving Perspectives.

Denis Bolborea

He has studied different urban dance styles (hip-hop, popping, locking) and has won many awards over the years, both in Romania and in Europe.

In 2013 he graduated from the National University of Theatrical Art and Cinematography in Bucharest, specializing in Choreographic Art.

As a performer, he combines contemporary dance with urban dance experience. He is interested in the relationship between voice and body because he develops, in parallel, as a beatboxer / vocal soloist. He has developed a unique ability to sing and compose live, and has become one of the finalists from the Romanian show.

Develops the independent project DENIS, is part of the vocal group of the capella Blue Noise and participates as sound designer in different productions. Q

In collaboration with the sound engineer Mara Mărăcinescu, she launches in 2016 the Ear to Bucharest project funded by ARCUB, within Bucharest 2021_The in-Visible City. Through interventions in the public space, performances and installations that use the sounds recorded and emitted live from the neighborhoods, the two aim to reconnect the Bucharest people with the city, using the sound environment. Since 2014 he is part of the Tangaj Dance collective (, where he integrates the two skills, a performer in the productions “0001 | The Dream Factory “,” 0002 | Birdville “,” Counterbody “,” a museum (theater) “and sound designer in” 0002 | Birdville “,” 0003 | Aftertaste “and” a museum (theater).

In 2017 she collaborates with Cristina Lilienfeld for the performance of the “Moving Fields” show, and in 2018 she plays a fundamental role in the two projects coordinated by Indie Box and co-financed by AFCN: she creates the performing solo “Reality Check”, integrated in the Singing Bodies’ Trilogy developed with Valentina de Piante and Alexandra Bălășoiu, being the sound designer of all three creations.

Together with the band acappella Blue Noise participates in the process of creating and presenting the album “Portrait”, released in Bucharest, Sibiu, Ploiești and Timișoara. In 2019, he creates with A-C Leonte the immersive concert “I am You”, and 2020 prepares the launch of an EP created 100% through the voice, processed through a looping and effects system.

With PETEC Denis he collaborates in the projects “Moving Fields” and “On good ones”.


Fierbinteanu is an art-pop duo active in music, sound, radio, video, contemporary choreography and theater. Gabriela and Cristian Fierbinteanu performed on European stages, including the Berlin Konzerthaus, and released albums through independent labels. Their works have been presented and received special awards or mentions in international festivals of contemporary art, performance, radio, music and film:

UK International Radio Drama Festival (2020), Prix Marulic (Croatia, 2020), Journées Art & Science (St Etienne, France, 2019), Phonurgia Nova (Paris, 2018 & 2019), 60 Seconds Radio (Canada, 2019), Antonin Dvorak Marathon (Berlin Konzerthaus, 2013); Grand Prix Nova (Bucharest, 2018 & 2019), 11 + 1 Independent Contemporary (Craiova National Theater, 2017 and 2020), “RE // Dance”, pilot edition of the CNDB Regional Biennial of Choreography & Like (National Dance Center, Bucharest , 2016, 2017 & 2018), Bakelit (Budapest / Hungary, 2018), Next on Stage by TIFF (Alba Iulia, 2018); Bucharest International Dance Film Festival (2017 & 2018), Bucharest International Experimental Film Festival (2017) and Piatra Film (Piatra Neamț 2016 and 2017)

“An author to follow. An exciting project, to be discovered or rediscovered… ”, – (Phonurgia Nova, Paris, 2019)