Man tries to tame space, to tame it. When it becomes secure enough, it can expand. The limits of his body become one of those of the place.

No matter how much you seal it, you impregnate it with you, the space in which you live remains permeable. Things from the outside penetrate the pores. Until you wake up one day inhabited by something else

The contemporary dance film INHABITED

brings to the fore Benno Voorham, Mădălina Dan, Svitlana Pashko, Simona Dabija, Denis Bolborea, Laura Vlad – personalities of the Romanian and European dance scene and emerging artists – in a brave and original staging, which sheds new light on them valences, unknown to the public until now. The physical space in which each protagonist finds himself (“an art in itself, finding these spaces, which were like from my brain”, as the composer Irina Vesa remarked), sheds light on a different layer of reality and demands its own approach in image and editing (Răzvan Bumbeș, Daniel Drăgoescu, Tania Cucoreanu). From a nature that gives a strange artificial sensation, a fantastic bridge with noir accents, to the cloister of an insect man or the impossibility of parting, the film does not promise a journey, but a voyeuristic teleportation from one world to another, guided by a smile Benno’s mischievous.

The film premiered online on August 26, 2020, on TIFF Unlimited, the video streaming platform of the Transylvania International Film Festival. The concept and direction of the film are signed by Smaranda Găbudeanu.

INHABITED audio-video installation

  • Audio-video installation – in which the viewer (re) discovers the contemporary dance film INHABITED through an immersion in its deconstructed space. Presented for the first time during the CORP season on 12 and 13 September 2020 in Pavilion 32, the Goethe Institut, thanks to the appreciations received, will be resumed soon.

A “beautiful music that goes under your skin directly into your soul. As the filmmakers wanted, music is inhabited by film, but film is also inhabited by music, and I could not conceive of perceiving them separately. Strange wails, at the intersection between sensuality and lament, together with refined micro-noises populate each frame and each character separately. ” – Diana Rotaru, composer

If after the premiere of the film, the director and playwright Selma Dragoș confessed to us that she had that feeling “when you sit very relaxed and try to imagine what shape you have inside or what shape someone else has, how someone else feels in themselves. Or what it would be like not to be in you, but scattered, firms that float and cling to something ”, and the composer Diana Rotaru that“ I actually felt that I entered Smaranda Găbudeanu’s head and mind and that I started to explore ”, The installation promises to amplify these experiences.

INHABITED_the attic – a 5-minute excerpt from the film INHABITED was selected in the Bucharest International Dance Film Festival 2020, within the national competition. The jury gave him a special mention because “he manages to create an intimate and personal world by creating connections between visuals, poetry and symbolic realms.”

“The style is minimalist, expressive and efficient. Some scenes look like still life paintings. Svitlana Pashko is very suggestive. ” (Doina Ioanid, Cultural Observatory)

InHABITED_ The Attic, it seems to ask you if the transformation into a feline has more to do with the cat in the equipment or with the loneliness spent in a space that you gradually discover until you get to feel it or the picture frame. The story from the inHABITED bridge is a long and satisfying twist of a little over 5 minutes. ”(Căița Nanu, screenwriter and festival-goer)

“Smaranda Găbudeanu manages to create an intimate and personal world by creating connections between the visual, poetry and symbolic realms.” (Mihai Mihalcea, Patrice Nezan, and Chrysanthi Badeka, members of the BIDFF jury)