For us ‘Dancing Dates’ is a form of research performance, it’s a performing practice in the sense in which we develop certain compositional abilities while inviting the audience watch us.

So often in the rehearsal room or when we search for material for a show, we say “This moment, just as it was, could be a show in itself.”

That’s why we want to create a frame in which the show will be this moment of research, improvisation, hesitation loaded with artistic intuition, vulnerability, when you still do not know exactly what you want to do on stage but you feel that once you are there you will have the clarity of what you want to communicate. When apparently nothing happens or you just seem to be ridiculous and suddenly you understand what is going on and what is the next move that will conclude everything and give meaning to the moment performative.

We ask questions and we have been working for 3 years with improvisation and real time composition structures, with the desire to understand what it means to improvise with dance in comparison, but also in connection with improvisation in theater and music.

How do you choose from all the movements, emotions, impulses, sensations, the ideas of the moment that is relevant to communicate to others, what makes sense in the space and time present for me, and the position they choose towards the public, will they understand me while I improvise, should I stop or continue?

We did not find a set response, but we found and practiced techniques to sensitize our attention, engage our ability to articulate, distinguish, choose, relate clearly to ourselves, our stage colleagues, and the audience. We had the opportunity to know and learn from the dancers who practice and research this life’s art form, and now we want to share this experience in a performative setting.