ESCAPE – Art Lab

E.S.C.A.P.E. Art Lab

Experiment | Sound | Choreography | Analysis | Performance | Exercise

ESCAPE Art Lab is an interactive and interdisciplinary contemporary arts laboratory: composition, music performance, music improvisation and dance. The 2nd edition of ESCAPE Art Lab will take place in Săcele, near the beautiful city of Braşov.

ESCAPE Art Lab wishes to stimulate creativity, the interest for contemporary arts, an opening towards artistic interferences and towards the liberty of expression through sound and/or movement. Participants will be encouraged to collaborate in different syncretic projects along the duration of the workshop.

ESCAPE with us if you are:

  • a musician (composer, performer or both) passionate about or interested in experimenting with new music and new techniques
  • a musician already experienced in and/or interested in developing yourself further in composer-performer collaboration, working with electronics/new technologies, free improvisation
  • a dance enthusiast seeking to find new means to explore your creativity and your body
  • willing to work in a group
  • interested in cross-disciplinary collaboration

Workshop structure:

  • Individual and open lessons
  • Demonstrations and conferences
  • Group improvisation
  • Modern instrumental techniques
  • Analysis and discussions
  • Final concert/s

Professors: Doina Rotaru (RO) – composition,  Alessandra Rombola (SP/IT) – flute, George Kentros (SE) – strings and violin,| Ghenadie Rotari (IT/MD) – ACCORDION, Cristina Lilienfeld (RO) – DANCE, Ingar Zach – percussionist (NO) – Open to all instruments/voices!

All applicants must send at  a CV/biography, as well as 2 representative works, in the case of composers (score recording) or 2 recorded performances, in the case of instrumentalists. Dance applicants must mention their level (beginner/advanced). Improvisation applicants must mention their instrument / type of voice.

More info;

Organizer: PETEC

Coordinator: Diana Rotaru

Graphic design: Daniel Ivaşcu