How can we explore our roots in a performative way?

Starting from the themes found in the performance “They’re Not All Heroes”, Cristina Lilienfeld and Smaranda Găbudeanu have created a workshop that deals with the way each of us has incorporated his/hers family history.

Through a mixture of exercises inspired by the techniques used in the construction of the show, the participants will plunge into their own bodies, will let emotions create and express in a supportive setting.

Some elements to work with are: connecting to one’s own body through various somatic approaches, relating with the group, writing exercises – art therapy and transforming this techniques into creative instruments.

The workshop seeks to explore answers to the questions: What part of my core wants to express itself? For what it is not too late in my life? How does my family’s “inheritance” affect me? What is my body’s response to current political and social tensions?