The wisdom of the Body / Dance is normal (+50)

Limiting or even replacing dance with ideas such as talent, youth, suppleness, strength is a mistake, a misstep. It is as if you were saying today that I am not beautiful because I do not look like I am in fashion magazines. It is becoming increasingly clear, in contemporary times, that art and aesthetics were at one time colonized (?) By practices and corsets that are not in accordance with reality and it is time to release them.

To dance means to connect with the poetic language of the body. It does not necessarily mean that you make cool or correct moves, although these can be part of your study agenda. Without losing the value of discipline and perseverance, it is important to stay connected with the basic premises of what we do and can “replace the ambition with curiosity” (Nancy Stark Smith, US dancer, age 67).

Dance is a ritual of communication of what is immaterial, soul, poetic, imaginary, to the material world, body and other people. It is an act of resonance of the body at the present moment in the embodied and imagined echoes of the past and of any potential future. Starting from this idea, anyone who has a body, regardless of its history, is automatically in this process of resonance and to dance one must only oppose these natural ripples.

But because we know that thinking skills in this regard have created many an impression and even experience that dance is not for them, that time has passed for dance, that they do not have the necessary physical condition, we come with experience and enthusiasm to melt distrust and hesitation and to encourage the curiosity of the curious. We will bring playful and friendly proposals to reconnect with the normality of dance. We will work gradually, with patience and attention, to arouse interest in the wisdom of the body. We will do guided movements and improvisation exercises together, we will explore physical practices that respect the anatomy and efficiency of the movement, we will investigate the relationship with the space and with what surrounds us to develop the attention, the sense of the composition and the sensitivity to the details, we will discuss and ask questions to integrate, understand and delve deeper into what we do.

The invitation is addressed to those over 50 who feel the call of dance. We make this distinction because we consider the maturity of thought and the wisdom of the body suitable for an authentic connection with dance as a practice of normality. But we will not check anyone’s age, so if you have the maturity and wisdom of you, you can come even if you are 18;)