Being fascinated with dynamic movement and exercises that infuse life into the body allowing it to move with no inhibitions I created a 3 hours workshop, in which we will explore the drive that sets off and nurtures motion. The various exercises that raise the energy in the body and body awareness techniques will help us enjoy movements at its utmost complexity. On the one hand, we experience the joyful elevation given by movement, and on the other we become more aware of everything that is present as sensation in our bodies everything emerging around us and within our intention.

The workshop includes both improvisation and choreography practices. We will experience with individual exercises to help us focus on ourselves, on our sensations as well as group exercises where we can discover how we can stimulate that drive of energy through the other’s presence. The class includes exercises inspired by several contemporary dance techniques such as: Flying low Technique, Axis Syllabus, Contact Improvisation.

This workshop is addressed to those eager to learn how to wake up their energy and use it so as to “shape” the space where they are, those who love to jump, run, “fly”, those who want to feel the enthusiasm available in their own bodies.